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CRM Technical Support & Training for Sage CRM, ZOHO CRM and GoldMine

TRUE Clarity Co. Ltd. will assist you with your CRM Consulting, Support and Training needs.  Over the years, TRUE Clarity has helped many users in the CRM communities, via onsite, remote access and e-mail.  Now we are making our support, and services available directly to you. Once you have a opened a Support account with TRUE Clarity there are multiple ways in which you can contact us to service your needs.

For non-emergency support, our schedule is listed online via our: Service Booking Calendar or visit our Web Chat Support here.

Of course, you can always contact us via:

Worldwide Contact Numbers:
Australia: +61 2 8005-6190
Canada: (519) 937-1520
Hong Kong: +852 8192 6190
Thailand: +66 8 1811-3770
UK: +44 20 3239 7555
USA: (978) 424-4410

Online Contacts:
Skype: jmccracken
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our Service Rates are:
1 Hour - $100.00
( non refundable )
5.5 Hours - $500.00
( non refundable )
11.5 Hours - $1,000.00
( non refundable )

Once you’ve logged in and see a time slot that aligns with your schedule, you can then enter the details Service Booking below the calendar.  Fill in the form completely (including notes), using the E-mail Address under which your Support account is registered, and Submit your request.  You will receive a confirmation once we have confirmed the available time.  If your request is the first request received for the given time slot with a given user, then you will receive the scheduled appointment, otherwise, you may receive a Session Request Declined e-mail, or you may be assigned another slot. In the last case, you may Accept or Reject the offered slot.

You can always see if I’m available.  If you have installed the Skype application, you can make use of my services in assisting you with your CRM needs.  While under contract with TRUE Clarity, and employing Skype, you will be able to chat with us about your issues. Always ping me even if I appear to be offline.


First I would like you to go to the create account page, and create and account if you have not previously done so.  You only need to register with TRUE Clarity once that is, unless your Contact information changes.  We ask this so that we will be able to identify you when you approach TRUE Clarity using any of the IM services, as well as for billing purposes.

The second item, you purchase service credits through PayPal here if you an account already.

The last item, view our calendar and book your session for non-emergency support via our Service Booking Calendar.

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