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GoldMine® Premium Edition 8.5 released

GoldMine Premium Edition

GoldMine® Premium Edition 8.5 introduces Universal Search to deliver more profitable customer interactions.

Single search function to locate any information associated with customer records heads list of over 300 enhancements to latest GoldMine CRM solution.

Monday, 20 April 2009 TRUE Clarity, the local solutions partner of service and customer relationship management solutions, today announced the launch of GoldMine® Premium Edition 8.5, the first CRM solution to feature true 'Universal Search', which enables users to conduct a single search for any information associated with a customer or prospect’s record.

Unlike competing solutions, the Universal Search functionality introduced in GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5 (GMPE 8.5) covers every type of information associated with a record, including data fields, emails, notes, linked documents, knowledge base articles and more.

Greg Anderson, GoldMine General Manager at FrontRange Solutions, commented: "With GMPE 8.5, we've essentially created a hugely powerful search engine within the CRM application itself. This helps users access detailed information much faster and thus increases both the speed and profitability of each customer interaction."

James McCracken, General Manager at FrontRange reseller, TRUE Clarity, agreed: "GoldMine already made it easy to store a ton of information on each customer supporting multiple languages. Universal Search makes it much easier to access that information in real-time, while you’re actually dealing with customers. Say you want to find some account information from a customer that they gave you six months ago, or perhaps a previous sales proposal; with most solutions you’d need to know exactly where to look for that data. With GoldMine, just one search will find it for you, regardless of where it was saved. This one feature alone has potentially huge benefits to users."

As well as the new Universal Search function, GMPE 8.5 includes over 300 additional enhancements, mostly driven through customer feedback.

Productivity enhancements in GMPE 8.5 include: revised navigation, auto-complete text entry, cross-validation of information to improve data quality and faster grouping and filtering of list results. Users can even configure their GoldMine interface so that it best suits their daily needs – both increasing productivity and promoting rapid adoption.

To help organizations further improve the profitability of customer interactions, GMPE 8.5 features full account visibility for different stakeholders. An example of why full account visibility is so important could be a sales person calling or visiting an existing customer only to find they have an outstanding support issue that is potentially hampering subsequent cross or up-sell efforts. With GMPE 8.5, the sales person would have full visibility of any open issues and can prepare well in advance, thus dealing with the customer in the complete confidence that they have the full picture.

GoldMine Premium Edition 8.5 is available now; contact TRUE Clarity at +662 678-4800 or visit us at for more information.

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News GoldMine® Premium Edition 8.5 released

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