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Is user education complete after your new CRM solution is installed? Actually, it could be just beginning.

Date: 15 August 2013

OK, your new or enhanced CRM solution is installed, the IT personnel responsible have worked all along with the CRM provider and are confident they know all there is to know. Front-line users in sales, marketing, accounting and distribution have had their training and seem comfortable with the new capabilities. Many clients might think the user education process is behind them. 

They would be wrong. 

Today’s CRM systems are amazingly robust and loaded with features and capabilities that may not have been part of the original RFP and CRM provider’s proposal and ultimate implementation. Some may have been known to the CRM managers, but considered unnecessary for the meeting the project objectives and not promoted to user personnel. Other features may not even be known to the CRM managers themselves, so they remain as untapped or “nice to have” capabilities that may never be used.

Obviously there is a limit to how many things a company wants its CRM system to do and spend time doing. The strategic priorities for CRM come first, most likely followed by a hard look at personnel investments in the time to learn and use what, after the initial installation, may be seen as secondary functions. However, managers can’t analyze those trade-offs, if they never know about them in the first place.

TRUE Clarity makes it a point to assist clients with their CRM education and support issues, not only during but after system installation. We provide both remote and onsite support and ongoing education to help managers and their end-users get everything they can, and want, out of their Sage GoldMine or Nimble CRM systems.

That’s why we promise we’ll help you, “Get more value from your information and make it work harder for you.”

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James McCracken
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News Is user education complete after your new CRM solution is installed? Actually, it could be just beginning.

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